Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Perception is Projection

The world we live in and the reality we perceive is simply an outward projection of our unconscious mind. One of the ways the unconscious mind (also known as the subconscious) works to resolve internal conflicts, is to seeks out or create situations in the "outer world" that reflect the parts that need integration and healing in our "inner world". The power of this understanding is phenomenal. If you are not happy with the experiences you are currently drawing to yourself, you now only have to focus on healing and integrating your own shadow to change your experience. Why do I say it is very powerful? Well think about this, exactly how much of your energy would you need to expend in order to change EVERYTHING you did not like in your "outer-world"? Is it even possible to control everything outside of your self? Not likely. However this is what most people try to do. The solution to this dilemma is simple...challenging yes...but it is simple! A great place to start is with inner reflection. When you feel yourself emotionally reacting to an outside event take note of it, and look deeper! What is it about this event that is causing you distress? How is the event a reflection of you? Remember anything that comes into your conscious awareness is a manifestation of your unconscious mind, and an opportunity for growth and expansion!

Here is one of many techniques that are available for exploring this process:

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