Sunday, November 29, 2009

Jay Weidner on Coast to Coast Jan 2009. 2012part 1/11

Filmmaker and scholar Jay Weidner spoke about 2012 and prophecy, as well as mysteries surrounding the Georgia Guidestones and the Denver Airport. A series of interrelated prophecies are all pointing toward one time period, around 2012, as being a time of crucial change, possibly connected with our sun, he said. The decreasing heliosphere of the sun leaves Earth with less of a buffer from potentially dangerous elements from outer space such as cosmic rays, he noted.

Weidner perceives 2012 as an alchemical moment for humanity to decide who or what it wants to be. On a positive note, he foresees a possibility for the populace to live in semi-rural conditions in a more slowed down fashion, yet still connected via the Internet. A more negative outcome would see society turned into a "techno-fascist nightmare" with robocops and cameras on every corner, he warned. People need to figure out how to manage in a world of increasing scarcity, he commented.

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