Monday, August 23, 2010

How we can help shift the current geopolitical state

Recently I have been getting many questions regarding what we can do as individuals to help heal the planet and bring about a state of peace.

It is important to realize that the current events taking place in the geopolitical system, are being engineered to help us see the polarization present within each of us as individuals. The physical world is a manifestation of our own internal state. We create situations that represent the conflict within our own subconscious mind in order to transcend and integrate them. In order to help heal on a planetary scale, each individual must look within themselves to achieve harmony. By integrating the duality within the self, the integration of the polarization on a larger scale becomes above so below...this is the holographic nature of the universe. So the challenges being presented simply become an opportunity to achieve Zero point....balance! It is critical to move into a state of compassion, using the fear and anger as mechanisms to uncover our own personal triggers and trauma patterns. Identifying our unconscious beliefs allow us to see if our beliefs are congruent with what we are striving to create. It is only by becoming aware of these conflicts that we can resolve them, transmute them, and create the possibility of integrating them on an interplanetary level.

Each individual consciousness is representative of the larger organism. Each cell within our body has the same functionality as the whole organism. In turn, the state of the geopolitical structure is represented in the state of the collective consciousness, and in each individual consciousness. Organisms come together to share information in order to organize in a more complex manner, and evolve. During periods of re-organization the illusionary system represents it as chaos. Chaos is the necessary component of expansion allowing the elements organizing to take shape, pushing the boundaries of the established paradigm to new heights and greater functionality.

The old belief system must break down in order for the new one to take hold. The more resistance to the impending transformation, the greater the challenges that will be presented as the shift is realized. It is the nature of all organisms to seek out evolution, whether in physical form, mental, emotional, or spiritual. There in lies the paradox...we crave evolution, yet are afraid of letting go of the familiar in order to realize such an evolution. Furthermore, the old system is held together through mechanisms and programs that will fight to prevent its demise. Thus fear rises. It is by facing these fears and transmuting them, that one is able to assimilate the new information and reality being offered. A system that refuses to evolve is bound to become extinct.

Shifting into a higher state of being involves a complete release of old ideas that keep us bound to the old paradigm. For in order to truly expand, it is essential to let go of all the preconceived and artificial notions of who one is; to question what lies before you and face the fear that arises from the possibility of realizing a new state of being. It involves CHANGE...something we all ask for on a conscious level, yet resist with great force on the unconscious level. It is through navigating what we view as adversity that we come to know and understand ourselves. Yet when we are confronted with the very situations that would help bring about this evolution, we desperately cling to what we view as stability. By releasing our need to control the outcome and how we believe events must unfold. We can then push our established boundaries into new areas and allow for growth to take place.

It is through this process of transformational awareness that we can begin to truly shift the paradigm that has been governing our reality, move into a higher level of consciousness, and help birth humanity into a more harmonious and evolved state.

Much Love & Light,

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